Benjamin Button

Here’s what Brian Stokes Mitchell had to say to Seth Rudetsky about the song I wrote for Sandy Hook:

The Count of Monte Cristo

This is a song from the show called "The Chateau d'If," in which Edmond sings about the injustice of being wrongfully imprisoned.  This was recorded with an iPod during one of the performances, so the quality is lacking, though Jeremy sounds fantastic.  As always.

This is a YouTube clip from Fuse Magazine at Ithaca College, interviewing me and showing a clip from the show.


This is a song from the demo called "Home."  It is essentially the opening number from the show.  There is some music here that underscores dialogue that you won't hear on the recording.  Josh Young as Will, Karen Elliott as Mrs. Morgan, Janine DiVita as Fiona, and Alan H. Green as Jack.

This is another song from the demo called "Sons of Adam."  This is performed again by Josh Young and Alan H. Green.  The signature song from the show.

This one is "Notice Me" performed by Alan H. Green.

This is "No Fate Worse Than Life."  Recorded by yours truly.

Here's "The End of All Things" performed by Josh Young.


Stand-Alone Rep

Here are three recordings of me singing some stand-alone stuff.  The first is called "Alive," the second is "I Do," and the third is called "See You There."


"I Do"

"See You There"         © Brett Boles 2011