Welcome to the Videos Page!  This page will be ever-evolving, especially as we get closer to the opening of FOREVERMAN in July at NYMF.  I am currently in the process of cobbling together a series of videos in which I explain the process of writing the show, from introduction of musical themes to character discussions.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (Contact Page).  You can visit the Official Foreverman Website at

Here is a trailer for FOREVERMAN:

In this first video, I introduce the main musical themes that wind their way through FOREVERMAN.

In this second video, I dicuss the Opening number from the show, called "Home."  You can hear the demo recording of this song on the Audio Page.

In this video, I discuss the song "Sons of Adam."  A recording of this is available on the Audio page.

This video is an update on auditions!

Here's a video about the song "I Will Take You" sung by Will and Fiona:

There are more videos to come!  If you have any particular question or a topic you'd like me to address, leave me a message either on this site (via the contact form on the sidebar) or you can email me directly.  Stay tuned!         © Brett Boles 2011